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All the activities of treffpunkt sprachen are directed towards the common objective of reflecting the social relevance of languages and plurilingualism in teaching and research.



  • Expansion of the language course offerings to include more languages
  • Development, coordination and bundling of relevant courses for integration into the different faculties’ study programmes
  • Training modules on different languages in their sociocultural context
  • Extension of the course offerings to include other target groups
  • Expansion of training and continuing education course offerings for language teachers
  • Enhancement of the information available and additional offers on the topic of language learning.



  • Development of a database management system for creating language-specific corpora
  • Publications on the functional expansion of “dominated languages”
  • Promotion and development of language didactics as part of a varied and practical range of courses
  • Projects to develop didactic methods
  • Increased networking (Language Network Graz)
  • Expansion of national and international cooperation (Council of Europe)
  • Planning and execution of third-party funded projects.

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