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Tandem - Language Learning Partnerships

Matching of language learning partners - WS 2023/24


Registration: 25 September to 8 October 2023


How do I register?

1. Registration via an online form

2. Response from treffpunkt sprachen by e-mail (from 13 March 2023 until 31 March 2023 at the latest)

3. First contact between the partners on their own and first meeting

Important! Unfortunately we can not always find an appropriate language learning partner. Some languages are more in demand than others. Thank you for your understanding!


Since November 2001, students have been able to enter into a language learning partnership with fellow students whose native language they want to learn. Language learning partners are matched by treffpunkt sprachen free of charge. Tandem - Language Learning Partnerships is a project in cooperation with the Department of Translation Studies of the University of Graz.


What is a language learning partnership?

Two people with different native languages meet once a week and speak for 1-2 hours in the native language of one student and afterwards in the native language of the other student.


The advantages:

  • You can learn each other's native language.
  • You can learn more about your partner and his or her culture.
  • You can exchange interesting experiences and knowledge.

You can improve your language skills outside of a course in a relaxed atmosphere and practice with a native speaker.


Who can participate?

All treffpunkt sprachen course participants can be matched with a language learning partner free of charge. The project should enable students who speak foreign languages to have contact with students who speak German and vice versa.

Registration is possible in the first month of each semester (in September/October for winter semester, in February/March for summer semester).


What are the meetings like?

treffpunkt sprachen is only responsible for the search for an appropriate partner. As soon as you have received your partner's contact information, you both are responsible for arranging to meet! Get in touch by e-mail or telephone and set up the first meeting.


Tips and tricks for the first meeting:

  • Choose a neutral location (e.g. café, canteen).
  • Decide with your partner where, when and how long you would like to meet.
  • Talk about how you would like to organize the language partner meeting (e.g. one hour in one language, one hour in the other).
  • Bring any course material with you.
  • Discuss briefly how you would like to correct each other. This can be very different depending on your personality and your goals.




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