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Module: Interdisciplinary Language Learning


The modules on “Interdisciplinary Language Learning” are aimed at language students as well as interested students of other fields, who want to explore the topic of languages and language learning in a broader context. The focus on languages will be embedded in an inter- and transdisciplinary context, with key reference points throughout the modules: Identity, Management, Diversity, Literature, Culture, Psychology, Philosophy and Art.


Key module learning objectives are:

  • Engaging with the subject area of language and language learning within various academic disciplines,
  • Engaging with language on a personal-reflective and global-societal level,
  • Introduction to research areas oriented towards language didactics and planning own research projects,
  • Integration of diverse topics into one’s own professional development.


Language is the great bond that holds society together, and the common conduit, whereby the improvements of knowledge are conveyed from one man and one generation to another. (John Locke)


Winter Semester 2023/24  Submodule I


Summer Semester 2024  Submodule II


Lisa Wurzinger

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2705

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