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Completed projects

Art and Language Learning - Integration of Art into Language Teaching

Book Project: Academic Teaching Competences

Book Project: Competences ― Interdisciplinary Frameworks

Book Project: Forschende Fachdidaktik

Book Project: Forschende Fachdidaktik II

Book Project: Forschende Fachdidaktik III

Book Project: Interdisziplinäres Sprachenlernen

Book Project: Looking at Learning

Book Project: Sprachenlernen mit Erwachsenen

Book Project: The Answer is Learner Autonomy: Issues in Language Teaching and Learning

Book Project: Zwischen Lust und Frust

Country-specific Teaching of Pronounciation in University Level German as a Foreign Language

Diversity in Language Teaching ― Opportunities and Challenges


Escape from War Zones - Walk the Line between Violence and Survival - How do you Move On as a Student at the University of Graz?

E-VOLLution Project

Fear in Language Learning - Didactic Methods for Creating a Classroom Atmosphere Free of Fear

Grammatical and Linguistic Competence in German as the Key to Successful Foreign Language Learning

How Gender-Sensitive Are Teaching Materials Used in University Language Teaching? An Analysis of GFL Courses at treffpunkt sprachen

Interactive Virtual Classroom

Interlingual Interference Phenomena in French Courses

LAMM ― Learner Autonomous Language Material

Language-Culture-Literature 2022

Language-Culture-Literature 2021

Language-Culture-Literature 2019

Language-Culture-Literature 2018

Language-Culture-Literature 2017

Language-Culture-Literature 2016

Language-Culture-Literature 2015

Language-Culture-Literature 2014

Language-Culture-Literature 2013

Language-Culture-Literature 2012

Language-Culture-Literature 2011

Language-Culture-Literature 2010

Language-Culture-Literature 2009

Language-Culture-Literature 2008


Language Server (GEWI Project at the University of Graz)

Learner, Competence and Practice Oriented Assessment and Evaluation in University Language Teaching

Learning Styles and Learner Autonomy

Learning to Teach The Promotion of Language Teaching as part of Language Learning with Adults

New Possibilities in Foreign Language Instruction with Audio-vocal Training (FauvoT)


Publication Project: "Education ― Identity ― Globalization"

Reflective Learning in Foreign Language Textbooks an Course Materials


Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary in a Foreign Language

Syntax Acquisition Using Different Forms of Language Learning in the Context of University Level German as a Foreign Language


Teacher Development – Stretching out of our Comfort Zones

Te-le E-learning in Foreign Language Teaching (Project at the University of Graz)

The Alpine-Adriatic Region as a Source of Impulse for Creative and Scientific Writing in German as a Foreign Language Courses at Universities and Institutions of Higher Education

Thematic Network Project in the Area of Languages 2 ― New Learning Environments ― the European Learning Space (EU Project)

Why Are Students at treffpunkt sprachen Predominantly Female? An Analysis from a Gender-Specific Perspective


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